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Diperbarui: 23 Jul 2020

So today I want to play golf at Bogor Raya Golf Course, my house in Bekasi, for you guys who live around bekasi you just passing the cikampek toll road and go to Jagorawi toll road, maybe you can arrived to Bogor Raya around 1 hours.Don’t forget to exit Bogor

Bogor Raya Golf Course located in strategic place, bcsbogorraya located in downtown of bogorcity,also close to tugukujang

Bogor Raya is also close to Bogor Botanical Gardens, so the location of Bogor Raya is also close to tourist destinations in the city of Bogor, thebogor botanical garden also has many historical things, and there is the house of president Jokowi

For you guys that come from out of jabodetabek and you should get on plane, you can throught the trip around 2 hours from soekarnohatta airport, while from halimperdanakusuma airport, for you guys can through 1 hours trip, because halim airport more close to bogorraya

My friends and I want to find bogor food, and we got bread shop, “Roti Unyil Venus” and “asinannyonyayenni”

After that we directly go to the venue, and here we are

First We go for the ‘walk in’ and we are going to play 18 hole, and I want to show you the field condition, I think this place is very proper to playing golf, they have a good grass and the view is make your eyes stunned, we are very excited for this

For those of you who want to practice before playing you can choose the driving range for practicing golf shots, this is the Driving range course

Bogor Raya have a very unique icon for guest or player can take photo on that, the icon it’s called “cepoot”

The nuance is so green and very nature, you guys not only playing golf in here but you can refresh your mind with the very gorgeous views

Bogor Raya Golf course have a lot caddy, they are smart and beautiful, they can help you to guide you playing golf

And don’t forget the buggy car

After we were play golf, we want to get an afternoon meal, so we go to tondano terrace, this restaurant still in this bogorraya area, this is the condition of tondano terrace, the architecture it’s so fancy and the price of the food affordable, you guys must try !

If you do not have the stuff for the golf, you can find it in bogorrayaproshop, you can get any golf stuff with the branded stuff, this shop is very complete

For you that come from out of jabodetabek, you can very easy find the hotel because there is a good hotel in bogorraya area, that’s IBIS style and Novotel

And that’s a few review from me about bogorraya golf course, Im very recommend this place for you guys, Thanks

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