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Ketua Umum Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Mantan Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia Jusuf Kalla 2010

Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jusuf Kalla Indonesian businessman and politician who served as the 10th and 12th Vice President of Indonesia (Vice President). He is the first Vice President of Indonesia who served 2 times, he became Vice-President in 2 consecutive terms of office. In his first term of office, in the period 2004-2009, he was concurrently the Chairperson of the Group of Work Groups. JK became a presidential candidate with Wiranto in the 2009 presidential election that was carried by Golkar and Hanura. On May 19, 2014, JK was officially nominated as running mate to accompany Joko Widodo in the declaration of the Jokowi-JK presidential-vice presidential pair, at Joang '45 Building, Central Jakarta. The pair was promoted by five parties, namely the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, the Nasdem Party, the National Awakening Party, the Hanura Party, and the PKPI. "At the Bogor Raya Golf Club (Sunday 8/8). This article has been published on Rmol.id with the title "DEMANDED CADDY", https://www.rmol.id/read/2010/08/09/650/DITEMANI-CADDY-.

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